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Scientists, researchers, research promoters and politicans are part of our vivid community. Within this special you can read about their success stories, initiatives and aims for the future.

Glaciers make the consequences of climate change already clearly visible today © Universität Innsbruck

Glacier mass loss: past the point of no return

Researchers from the Universities of Bremen and Innsbruck show in a recent study that the further melting of glaciers cannot be prevented in the current century - even if all emissions were stopped ...
A GABAergic interneuron studied by the researchers. Color code indicates energy efficiency of the neuron. © Peter Jonas

A certain type of neurons is more energy efficient than previously assumed

Theory and reality don't always match completely. One contradiction, about how a type of neurons generates ...
Jeffrey D. Sachs: Raiffeisen Lecture Hall filled to the last spot © IST Austria

Economist Jeffrey D. Sachs visits IST Austria

The New York Times referred to him as "probably the most important economist in the world", and the Time Magazine listed him twice ...
A cigar-shaped gas of magnetic atoms can support a roton mode © IQOQI Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch

Roton quasiparticles observed in quantum gas

An Innsbruck team of experimental physicists, in collaboration with theorists from Innsbruck and Hannover, has for the first time observed so-called roton ...
The pinguins form colonies in Crozet, Kerguelen and Marion sub-Antarctic islands © Celine LeBohec

King penguins may be on the move very soon

More than 70 percent of the global King penguin population, currently forming colonies in Crozet, Kerguelen and Marion sub-Antarctic islands, may be nothing ...
Garden ant workers interacting with one another © Ferrigato, Metzler/IST Austria

Helping in spite of risk: Ants perform risk-averse sanitary care of infectious nest mates

Ants care for their sick nest mates in different ways, depending on their own immune status. When ...

First conference on "Frontiers of Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics and Optomechanics" held at IST Austria a success

Over the past three days, the city of Klosterneuburg, near ...
Entangled qubits are sent to measurement devices which output a sequence of zeroes and ones © Juan Palomino

Fingerprints of quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a key feature of a quantum computer. Yet, how can we verify that a quantum computer indeed incorporates a large-scale entanglement? Using ...

An International PhD via Thinface

In the last four years, 14 young scientists worked in the field of advanced materials across Europe in the training network Thinface and are now completing their ...

15 years old. Student. And interested in electronics.

Nikolaus is 15 years old and is studying for a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He's one of three young students who are currently attending ...