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Scientists, researchers, research promoters and politicans are part of our vivid community. Within this special you can read about their success stories, initiatives and aims for the future.


Atomic images reveal unusually many neighbors for some oxygen atoms

The identification of new chemical bonds is crucial for the design of new material structures. A team led by Jani Kotakoski ...
ROV MARUM-QUEST during its dive to the hydrothermal vents © MPI für Marine Mikrobiologie

Many cooks don't spoil the broth: Manifold symbionts prepare their host for any eventuality

Deep-sea mussels harbor up to 16 different strains of bacteria in their gills, keeping them prepared ...
OPS-Sat - seen here with Otto Koudelka undergoing final testing in the laboratory in Graz © Lunghammer – TU Graz

"My work is flying through space"

Did you know that the first Austrian satellite to go into space was built in TU Graz's labs? TUGSAT-1 has been observing stars for more than six years - and it's not the only object ...

Placenta transit of an environmental estrogen

The human foetus is considered to be particularly sensitive to environmental contaminants. A team led by Benedikt Warth from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna and ...
Sebastian Mai and Leticia González investigated the interactions of metal complexes and light © Boris Maryasin

The fast dance of electron spins

Metal complexes show a fascinating behavior in their interactions with light, which for example is utilized in organic light emitting diodes, solar cells, quantum computers, ...
One of the three fossils preserved as part and counterpart © Giuseppe Marramà

Fossil fish gives new insights into the evolution

An international research team led by Giuseppe Marramà from the Institute of Paleontology of the University of Vienna discovered a new and ...
Artistic illustration of the delocalization of the massive molecules used in the experiment © Yaakov Fein/Universität Wien

2000 atoms in two places at once

The quantum superposition principle has been tested on a scale as never before in a new study by scientists at the University of Vienna in collaboration with the ...
Peter Hadley heads the Institute of Solid State Physics © TU Graz/Lunghammer

The beauty of defects

Peter Hadley tries to understand which defects give rise to which properties in certain materials - what makes a ruby red, electricity flow through silicon, or a wire break?News+Stories: ...

Seen from orbit, everything's much more precise

Torsten Mayer-Gürr surveys the Earth. He may work in an office in Steyrergasse in Graz, but his measuring device flies more than 400 kilometres ...

Turbo-charging pharmaceutical biotechnology simulations

New simulation technology developed by TU Graz is designed to make the production of biopharmaceuticals ...