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Sweet taste reduces appetite?

To date, very little is known about how sweetness perception contributes to satiety. This study, conducted by an Austrian-German team led by chemists Veronika Somoza and Barbara Lieder, ...
Thomas Pichler and Markus Aspelmeyer, both from the Faculty of Physics, each receive an ERC Synergy Grant for their research projects © privat

Two ERC Synergy Grants for University of Vienna's physicists

The physicist Thomas Pichler and his international team will receive an ERC Synergy Grant of 14 million Euros to build a new electron nano-spectrometer at the ...
A panoramic view of the nearby Alpha Persei star cluster and its corona. © Stefan Meingast/Gaia Sky

Star Clusters are only the tip of the iceberg

Star clusters have been part of the Imaginarium of human civilization for millennia, as shown through their countless representations in arts and sciences across cultures ...
Harald Fitzek, Christian Prehal and Qamar Abbas (from left) at the SAXS facility SAXSpoint 2.0 (Anton Paar GmbH): With their work at Graz University of Technology, the researchers are providing new insights into hybrid supercapacitors © TU Graz/Lunghammer

New findings pave the way to environmentally friendly supercapacitors

Similar to batteries, supercapacitors are suitable for the repeated storage of electrical energy. TU ...

14 new doctoral schools starting at the University of Vienna

At universities all over Europe, doctoral schools have proven successful in offering the best possible support to doctoral candidates by providing an ...
During its expansion, the universe evolved towards its present state, which is homogeneous and isotropic on large scales © NASA / WMAP Science Team

Gravity causes homogeneity of the universe

Gravity can accelerate the homogenization of space-time as the universe evolves. This insight is based on theoretical studies of ...
Newly developed methods ensure that the loss of individual qubits does not disrupt a quantum computer. © Uni Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch

New method prevents quantum computers from crashing

Quantum information is fragile, which is why quantum computers must be able to correct errors. But what if whole qubits are lost? Researchers at ...
They are CO2 neutral as well as biodegradable at the end of their life span © Alexander Bismarck

Producing leather-like materials from fungi

Leather is used as a durable and flexible material in many aspects of everyday life including furniture and clothing. Leather substitutes derived from fungi are considered to be ...
An Atg9 vesicle serves as a platform for the recruitment of the autophagic machinery © Verena Baumann

Autophagy: the beginning of the end

Autophagy, from the Greek for 'self-eating', is an essential process that isolates and recycles cellular components under conditions of stress or when resources are limited. ...
The potato is used to cooler climate and vulnerabe to environmental stresses; particularly to combinations of heat and drought. © Markus Teige

Searching for stress-resistant potatoes

Plant Biologist Markus Teige at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna has received a €5 million grant from the Horizon 2020 EU Program to ...