Austrian R&D inside

Scientists, researchers, research promoters and politicans are part of our vivid community. Within this special you can read about their success stories, initiatives and aims for the future.

Together with colleague Rainer Hofmann, Carlo Alberto Boano and Hannah Brunner from the Institute of Technical Informatics at TU Graz have developed a framework that allows different wireless technologies to communicate directly with each other © Lunghammer/TU Graz

Cross-technology communication in the Internet of Things significantly simplified

Researchers at Graz University of Technology have developed a framework by which wireless ...
The peat bog core showing the global fallout signature was sampled in the Wildseemoor, Black Forest, Germany © F. Quinto, KIT

Atomic fingerprint identifies emission sources of uranium

Uranium is not always the same: depending on whether this chemical element is released by the civil nuclear industry or as fallout from nuclear weapon ...
The motion of magnetic objects can be made to interact with their internal acoustic waves. In this way, as physicists from Innsbruck show, nanoparticles can be cooled down to such an extent that they exhibit quantum properties © Carlos Sánchez Muñoz

Cooling magnets with sound

Today, most quantum experiments are carried out with the help of light, including those in nanomechanics, where tiny objects are cooled with electromagnetic waves to such an ...
Michael Schwarz (middle) with Moritz Lipp and Daniel Gruss - and the few lines of code that can be used to execute the ZombieLoad attack © Lunghammer/TU Graz

Michael Schwarz: Ideas not limited to working hours

Michael Schwarz is a security specialist at Graz University of Technology and, together with colleagues, generated a completely new field of ...
(from left): Lukas Landl, Panu Karjalainen and Markus Bainschab © Lunghammer/TU Graz

Exhaust gas measurement registers ultrafine particles for the first time

Together with international partners, researchers at Graz University of Technology have developed a measurement method that ...
Mateusz Skalon works on innovations in the field of 3D metal printing © IMAT/TU Graz

Sustainable 3D-printed super magnets

Magnetic materials play important roles in electrical products. These materials are usually manufactured by means of established production techniques and use of rare earth metals. ...
Researchers demonstrate that a novel biochemical checkpoint in these cells can inhibit the growth of cells that support cancer cell growth. © Wolfram Weckwerth

Targeting the cancer microenvironment

The human innate immune system is the first barrier for the defence against bacterial infections but also the central system for all healing processes in the body. There is ...
Unterschiedliche Bewegungen werden in Phasen eingeteilt © Universität Wien

Dancing Matter: New form of movement of cyclic macromolecules discovered

Employing a computer simulation, physicists Maximilian Liebetreu and Christos Likos have shown a unique ...
Kahan Dare (l.) and Manuel Reisenbauer (r.) working on the experiment that cooled a levitated nanoparticle to its motional quantum groundstate © Lorenzo Magrini, Yuriy Coroli/University of Vienna

A Quantum of Solid

Researchers in Austria use lasers to levitate and cool a glass nanoparticle into the quantum regime. Although it is trapped in a room temperature environment, the particle's motion is solely governed ...
Werner Luschnig, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Ingolf Schädler and Harald Kainz © Lunghammer/TU Graz

First TU Graz-SAL Research Labs push top-level research in electronics-based systems

TU Graz and Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) launch the first SAL research labs at an Austrian university and lay ...