Austrian R&D inside

Scientists, researchers, research promoters and politicans are part of our vivid community. Within this special you can read about their success stories, initiatives and aims for the future.

Helmut Eichlseder develops propulsion systems at TU Graz © Foto Furgler

The whole spectrum: types of propulsion, motivation and people

In the beginning was his enthusiasm for motorbikes. Today Helmut Eichlseder drives engine development forward at TU Graz - and here he talks ...
Cells lose contacts between each other during fluidization. Cells remain in tight contact when fluidization is impaired © Nicoletta Petridou

When a fish becomes fluid

Zebrafish aren't just surrounded by liquid, but turn liquid - in part - during their development. As the zebrafish embryo develops from a ball of cells to a ...
Heinz Amenitsch heads the TU Graz team in Trieste © Lunghammer - TU Graz

TU Graz researchers are getting a (nano) perspective

TU Graz operates two beamlines at the 'Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste' research facility in which structures and properties of materials can be investigated at the ...
Stefan Spirk, Andreas Petrovic and Hermann Scharfetter © Lunghammer/TU Graz

Researchers lay foundation for smart contrast medium

Under the leadership of TU Graz, an international research team has developed a contrast medium concept for MRI, promising unprecedented features in ...
HRSEM picture of a 2D/3D nanocomposite based on graphene © Uni Wien/Politecnico di Torino/Freddy Kleitz/Glaudio Gerbaldi

For a longer battery life: Pushing lithium ion batteries to the next performance level

Conventional lithium ion batteries, such as those widely used in smartphones and notebooks, have reached performance limits. ...

Small but versatile: Key players in the marine nitrogen cycle can utilize cyanate and urea

The ammonia oxidizing archaea, or Thaumarchaeota, are amongst the most abundant marine microorganisms. Yet, ...
PIN2 is only found in the upper end of each cell and marks polarity (magenta) © Matouš Glanc

Plant cells inherit knowledge of where's up and where's down from mother cell

Knowing which way is up and which way is down is important for all living beings. For plants, which grow roots into the ...
Jonas is honored for his outstanding research achievements in the field of neuroscience © IST Austria

Peter Jonas receives Erwin Schrödinger Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Peter Jonas, Professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria), receives the Erwin ...
Scientists can predict where a rat will go next © IST Austria/Birgit Rieger

Reading rats' minds

Place cells in the hippocampus fire when we are in a certain position - this discovery by John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser brought them the Nobel Prize in Medicine in ...
Artificially glowing yeast cells in a test tube © Sergei Shakhov

Scientists discovered a set of enzymes to create glowing organisms

In daylight, Neonothopanus nambi is a rather unremarkable brown fungus. But a surprise hides behind the drab ...