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Scientists, researchers, research promoters and politicans are part of our vivid community. Within this special you can read about their success stories, initiatives and aims for the future.

The graphic shows the ice-sheet loss in Greenland - based on teh gravity field model GOCO06S © IFG/TU Graz

Determining the Earth's gravity field more accurately than ever before

Researchers at TU Graz calculate the most accurate gravity field determination of the Earth using 1.16 billion satellite ...

Scientists gain new insights into the mechanisms of cell division

Mitosis is the process by which the genetic information encoded on chromosomes is equally distributed to two daughter cells, a fundamental ...
The innovative pedestrian traffic lights will be in use throughout Vienna from the end of 2020 © Günther Pichler GmbH

New traffic light by TU Graz recognises pedestrians' intent to cross the road

The innovative camera system recognises pedestrians' intention to cross the road and changes automatically to green. ...
On a "quantum chessboard" the queens puzzle may be solved comparatively easily © University of Innsbruck

Puzzling on a quantum chessboard

Physicists at the University of Innsbruck are proposing a new model that could demonstrate the supremacy of quantum computers over classical supercomputers in ...

Tungsten as interstellar radiation shielding?

A boiling point of 5900 degrees Celsius and diamond-like hardness in combination with carbon: tungsten is the heaviest metal, yet has biological functions - especially ...
A screenshot of the instructions of the Atom Tractor Beam simulation game © Toma Susi/University of Vienna

Playfully discover atom manipulation

The team of Toma Susi at the University of Vienna uses a state-of-the-art electron microscope, the UltraSTEM, to manipulate strongly bound materials with atomic precision. ...
A whole skeleton of the fossil shark Palaeocarcharias stromeri (total length approximately 1m) from the Jura Museum Eichstätt © Jürgen Kriwet

The ancestor of the great white shark

Mackerel sharks (Lamniformes) are a group consisting of some of the most iconic sharks we know, including the mako shark (the fastest shark in the world), the infamous great white shark and ...
Jürgen Hartler carries out research in Graz and California © Baustädter/TU Graz

The Fascination of the Abstract

Jürgen Hartler hardly has time for swimming, his favourite pastime, because he's busy conducting research into mass spectrometry of lipids at UC San Diego - where the sea is on ...
Sustainable construction is a comprehensive process that considers all aspects and incorporates all these factors into a systemic, end-to-end model © Guy/AdobeStock

Sustainable Construction - a Question of Attitude

"As soon as a building exceeds the requirements for energy certification by a fraction, everyone immediately starts talking about a green building." ...

"This isn't the time to rest on our laurels."

The topic of security is just starting to become truly significant, says researcher Stefan Mangard. He is working on the ERC project Sophia, where he is concentrating on secure ...