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The research project defalsif-AI involves the development of media forensic tools which offer users a first assessment of credibility of text, image, video or audio material online. This takes place with the help of artificial intelligence.

The project is especially focussed on politically-motivated disinformation. This weakens and also threatens democracy and public trust in political and state institutions.

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About the project

The project defalsi-AI aims to identify false information with the help of artificial intelligence. The focus is on the development of media-forensic tools, which are due to be utilised by a wide user base. The project especially addresses politically-motivated false information, which can and often does undermine trust in democracy.

The main research focus of defalsif-AI (detection of false information via artificial intelligence) is on audio-visual media forensics, text analysis, and the fusion of these technologies with the help of AI. A lot of attention is paid to the transparent and interpretable presentation of results – the final decision if contents are “wrong” or not still lies with the users.

The goal is to demonstrate a valid tool for the analysis of digital contents online which allows a first evaluation of texts, images, videos or audio clips for validity and authenticity. The creates the groundwork for further action.

The project also includes an analysis and assessment of the of media-forensic tools from the legal and sociological perspective. Defalsif-Ai is rounded off with the derivation of application oriented, technical and organisational measures as well as a plan of usage for the future use of legally justified disinformation analysis platforms.

The project is funded by the ministry for Finance (BMF) within the KIRAS Security Research programme, and carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

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AIT (Coordinator)

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is the biggest extramural research company in Austria and makes a considerable contribution to strengthening the technological knowledge base in the Austrian economy, and to securing Austria as a location in international competition. The centre for Digital Safety & Security (DSS) researches IT-based solutions for a secure communication infrastructure, crisis management and security systems. The centre has a highly regarded position among national and international innovation programmes of security research programmes, and builds on strategic partnerships with the most important national security actors (BMI and BMLVS).


EnliteAI was founded in November 2017 with the aim to offer services to companies related to the topic of Artificial Intelligence along the whole value chain – from strategy advice to concept creation and up to applied research and creation of prototypes. The team of industry and technology experts bring years of experience in the sectors of deep learning, strategy advice and software development. The swift development in the sectors of artificial intelligence are considered by many experts to be the most important development of our time, with the most far-reaching consequences respectively opportunities for all branches of industry. EnliteAI wants to accelerate these developments for its customers – regardless of size – and make them AI leaders in their sectors.

Danube University Krems

The Department for E-Governance and Administration at the Danube University Krems (DUK) researches the effects of the digital and social change on strategy, organisation and processes. The researchers in the department have competences in law, technology, and in political, social and economic sciences. The students’ close connection with the real-world practice of their subject allows for the transfer of current scientific issues from real-life issues into scientific research. The research results are then taken back to society, serving to sensitise the issues of changing socio-technological and legal governance structures and forming the basis for decisions in administration, politics, economics, science and society.

Research institute – Digital Human Rights Center

The Research Institute AG & Co KG (RI) is a research and consultancy company at the intersection between technology, law and society, which has been operating since 2012. The institute is concerned questions of protecting basic rights in the digital age through a multi- and interdisciplinary lens. This includes technical, legal and organisational aspects of data protection and data security, as well as questions of technological assessment, cyber crime and net policy.

Austrian Chancellor’s Office

The Chancellor’s Office is taking part in the planned KIRAS defalsif-AI project as a public sector consumer, and providing expertise to the extent agreed in the application.

Ministry for Defence

The responsibilities of the Austrian army are derived from legal and political provisions. In essence, they are dictated by the defence law. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important for the army that Austria is member of the EU, and in the Partnership for Peace (PfP). The ministry for defence will be participating in the planned project as a user and provider of expertise and will be providing know-how and professional skills to the extent agreed in the application.

Ministry for European and International Affairs

The ministry for European and international affairs (BMEIA) will be taking part in the KIRAS defalsif-AI project as a public sector consumer, and providing expertise to the extent agreed in the application.

ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

The ORF is the Austrian market and quality leader in its fulfilment of its public service mandate with an extensive range of programmes in radio, television and online – and one of the most successful public service providers in Europe. As an independent public media company, the ORF is balanced and not profit-oriented. The public sector mandate of the ORF is laid down in ORF law. The ORF employs 3,000 people in eleven locations in Austria and 16 around the world.

APA – Austria Press Agency

The APA – Austria Press Agency is the national news agency and the leading information provider in Austria. It is in the hands of 12 Austrian newspapers and the ORF. The APA group is made up of the cooperatively-organised news agency and three hundred-percent subsidiaries, and covers the fields of news agency, information agency, and technology agency. The APA editorial offices provide real-time news services in text, image, audio and video formats, and the subsidiaries offer distribution, research and information management, as well as information technology solutions.

The project is funded by the ministry for Finance (BMF) within the KIRAS Security Research programme, and carried out by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Milestones - From  project proposal to completion

Project start 10/2020

Define and specify scenarios of requirements

Iterative conception 02/2021

Proof of concept – conception

Demonstration 09/2021

Proof of concept – iterative demonstration

Evaluation 07/2022

Proof of concept – evaluation

Research: What defalsif-AI is all about (Video: YouTube)

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Please note: All processing activities concerning personal data carried out within the framework of the research project defalsif-AI are based on § 2d Abs 2 Research Organisational Act (Forschungsorganisationsgesetz).